NovaDryer -PF02

  • PLC system (temperature recording function included)
  • LCD touch screen, PID intelligent control system, programmable freeze-drying curve
  • Pre-cool drying remains in situ to simplify drying process and achieve automation
  • Stainless steel rectangular cooling chamber and sample shelves, with organic glass observation window
  • Powder coated steel housing (NovaDryer-PF20: Stainless steel housing)
Model NovaDryer


Freeze Drying Shelf Area (m2 0.2
Condenser Capacity (Kg/Batch) 2
Vial Quantity


Ø16mm 770
Ø20mm 400
Housing Material Powder coated steel (Optional: stainless steel)
Total Max. Load Capacity(L, Liquid) 3
Shelf Size


Standard Type 280×380
Top Press Type 280×380
Shelf Qty. (PCS) Standard Type 2+1 top shelf*
Top Press Type 3+1 top shelf*
Shelf Space(mm) 70
Shelf Temperature -50℃~+80℃
Shelf Temperature Difference

(when balanced)

Min. Temperature of Vapor Condenser ≤-70(℃)
Min. System Pressure(Pa) ≤5
Cooling Method Force Air Cooling,℃ *RT<30 (Standard)
Water Cooling: L/Hr 2000(Optional)
Power Supply Standard 220V/50hz, 1 Phase
Optional /
Total Power (Kw) 3
Weight (Kg) 350



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