• PLC +PC control system
  • Mirror polished stainless steel housing
  • Water cooling system
  • With(CIP(Cleaning-in-Place) as standard function
  • Stainless steel chamber with round corners and mirror polishing
  • Tilt angle at the bottom meeting CIP and SIP(Sterilization-in-Place) draining requests
  • Shelves filled with silicon oil with satisfactory temperature uniformity with difference <1℃
  • Stainless steel cold trap with water vapor channel to ensure small molecule moving resistance and high water-capturing efficiency
Shelf Area(m2) 30
Freeze Drying Shelf Area (m2) 29.7
Ø16mm Vial Quantity(PCS) 133600
Ø22mm Vial Quantity(PCS) 68300
Bulk Solution Volume (L) 590
Shelf Size(WxD,mm) 1515×1520
Shelf Quantity (PCS) 13+1 top shelf*
Shelf Space(mm) 100
Shelf Temp.Range -55℃~+70℃
Cool Trap Coil Temp. -70℃
Max. Dewatering Capacity(Kg) 640
Compressor S6G-30.2Y*3
Vacuum Pump LEYBOLD
Roots Pump LEYBOLD
Circulating Pump WICO
Water Ring Pump SIHI
Main Valve Caliber 700
Heating (Kw) 60
Ultimate Vacuum 1 Pa
System Leakage Rate(Pa.m3/S) 0.1
Total Power (Kw) 182
Cooling Water 42 m3/H
Compressed Air 0.6~0.8 Pa




Weight (Kg) 31000
Net Steam Consumption 380 Kg
Injection Water (L/M) 280


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