• Micro controller ((NovaDryer-HF100/400) or PLC controller(NovaDryer-HF600) with Color LCD Touch screen
  • SECOP compressor, EBM fan, and commercial grade vacuum pump
  • Powder coated housing (Optional: stainless steel housing)
  • Thermostatic heating Stainless steel tray and stainless steel chamber reliable for food safety and easy for cleaning
  • Clear acrylic glass door with direct observation of food processing
  • Perfect for freeze-drying fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy products, flowers, herb, desserts, and small-scale use in lab
  • Optional: Oil-free vacuum pump, anti-backflow cut-off valve
Tray Area(㎡) 0.1
Tray Size(mm) 145×275
Tray Qty. (PCS) 3
Tray Space (mm) 45
Single Batch (Kg/) 1.5
Compressor Dual
Cold Trap Temperature(℃) -60
Extreme Vacuum Degree(Pa) 10
Power Supply  
Environmental Temperature  
Dimensions (WxDxH,mm) 550x620x850
Packing Size(WxDxH,mm) 830x650x860
N.W.(main unit) / G.W. (Kg) 90/140


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