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LCD display
Meeting environmental protection standard
Big openings of the cold trap without coil pipe inside, pre-freezing
Reliable refrigerant compressor, high capability of water-capture, low noisy
Stainless steel chamber with powder coated steel housing
Transparent clock-cover-type dry room for safety and observation
Stainless steel sample holder for adjustment of space between shelves
Small size, convenient operation
Valve with nitrogen: Optional
Power supply: 220V/50Hz. Optional: 220V/60Hz, 110V/60Hz

  • Tabletop Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-B104 Multi-Pipeline Top-press Type

  • Tabletop Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-B103 Multi-Pipeline Ordinary Type

  • Tabletop Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-B102 Top Press Type

  • Tabletop Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-B101 Ordinary Type